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A Charmed Yogi

buddhist meditating on heart

Our hearts have an infinite capacity for loving, healing, learning, and illuminating. When we’re angry, we can feel our hearts close, and when we forgive we can feel our entire bodies soften.

When we are in pain, we can let down the walls around our hearts and let others in.  And, when we are afraid, we can open our hearts and let it swallow our fears, only to shine brighter after.

To fight pain, fear and anger is to give those things power, to deny part of ourselves. Instead, take those things into your heart where they are acknowledged, welcomed, accepted, comforted and transmuted.


– Your Charmed Yogi

(Photo: Tumblr/Ozone Baby)

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Running @ Lac Daumesnil

Posted: September 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve been training at Lac Daumesnil in the 12th arrondisement for last three months.I would like to invite you join me in my morning activity. I usually run between 8-10 am every morning. So if you are around come and say Hi and join me there 🙂

Rehabilitate Your Heart

The signs and symptoms of a heart attack can fool you. Sometimes it can occur with very atypical symptoms. It has been known to be symptoms like a tooth ache, and ear ache, a feeling of flu like symptoms, or even silent. There are very traditional signs as those listed in the picture well circulated on the internet. Sometimes the symptoms just can’t be named but there may be a feeling of doom. What we do know is that the earlier the intervention for a heart problem is addressed the better the outcomes for survival. Therefore if suspicious you health is in jeopardy seek help  immediately.  Often denial is the first response with many individuals. Many thoughts  of other diagnosis such as pulled muscle, heartburn, panic attack can interfere with decision making. It is best left up to the medical community to solve.




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Alcohol is part of Heart Disease

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Alcohol is part of Heart Disease.

Alcohol Effects on Health

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Alcohol Effects on Health.

Had another day off running. My ankle doesn’t hurt anymore but I will keep it at rest for the rest of the week and start fresh next monday. Cant wait to start using my freshly downloaded Nike+ GPS and Path application for iPhone. I’m Hoping to build up circle of friends running with me every morning. Because nothing beats the feeling you’re not alone on the track !! I will keep you posted.

screen-shoot first run with Nike+ GPS

Mind and body Medicine

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Uncategorized


Another great article from Rob Schneider on Natural Therapy pages. This great Australian based web site is bringing lot great tips how to change people perceptions on being healthy. Me as Being Australian living abroad understands this message more then anybody else I would like to bring it to you too. Australian healers and doctors always went hand in hand and combine typical Western medicine with knowledge of an old chinese teaching philosophy where in old days everyone was assign a healer who was responsible for the health of his people and their main concern was Prevention, unlike the western medicine, where we address the pain when it struck in it its full power! The world has evolved since the old Chinese emperor days and so it should change the approach of each of Us on how we keep healthy. And one of the most important impulses should come from our brains. Positive thinking about who we are and what and how we treat our body should be part of our mind diet. By Jiri Saidl  

By Rob Schneider ; Natural Therapy Pages

What is mind body medicine? It’s a good question, but not an easy one to answer. Basically, the term refers to the interaction between the mind and the body to facilitate healing. Increasing evidence from practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)kinesiologyhypnotherapyand other complementary treatments is making Western science take a closer look at mind body medicine.

Mind Body Medicine: The Conservative View

Conventional medicine has always acknowledged that stress can play a big role in disease. Some of the diseases that can be caused or exacerbated by stress include:Heart disease 

  • Stroke
  • Heart Disease
  • Gastrointestinal diseases 
  • Diabetes

Stress is known to have a negative effect on the entire immune system. While our bodies have natural defenses against periodic stress, stress has become increasingly chronic in today’s society. Many health specialists now recommend meditation, hypnotherapy and other natural therapies associated with mind body medicine as a viable alternative to reliance on prescription medicines, some of which can have serious side effects or become addictive. 

While still not widely used in conventional medical facilities in Australia, mind body medicine is gaining increasing acceptance as a form of complementary medicine. Many doctors now prefer to be labelled as ‘holistic doctors‘ to emphasise their acceptance of and training in mind body medicine and other natural therapies. 

Mind Body Medicine: The Alternative View

Many alternative therapists explore the mind-body connection even more deeply:

  • Many practitioners of applied kinesiology explore hidden parts of the subconscious or unconscious mind that may manifest as physical disease.
  • A vital part of many forms of acupressure, such as EFT, is verbal or mental affirmation or forgiveness.
  • Theta healing involves tapping into the healing ‘theta’ brainwave state
  • Spiritual healing seeks to bridge the gap between the spirit world and the physical world via the mind.

There is also a fine line between mind body medicine and energy medicine. While pranic healing, for example, is primarily concerned with using the breath as a tool for directing and controlling the flow of prana (energy) in the body, control of the mind is also an important part of the discipline.

While conventional science is yet to accept many alternative mind body therapies, researchers are taking a closer look at the placebo effect and uncovering increasing evidence that simply by thinking and believing a medication will work can make it work, even if the ‘medication’ contains no active ingredients. In some studies, the efficacy of proven medications has been no greater than that of a placebo. How and why this can happen is as yet unknown, but studies like these are making conventional scientists take a more serious look at mind body medicine and its role in health and healing.”