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“Everyone is different, the problem is most people want to be the same, they find it easier to simply ignore this fundamental aspect of the human condition, they’re so eager to be part of a group that they betray their own nature to get there. If something pleasurable and strongly desired is prohibited it becomes an obsession”


Open your heart

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Le coeur pour la vie

“Love is not what you search for,love is what you are.”


“Other mechanisms by which living alone could increase cardiac risk have to do with possible social isolation and loneliness, and these are more challenging to fix”

After a busy weekend in Prague and jogging only on Saturday and taking day off on Sunday. I’m back on the track as of Monday morning 18. June.
Stunning sunny morning in the royal gardens of Stromovka. I felt a bit sluggish but my Nike+ recorded this run as my fastest ever, oh well done. Sometimes when we feel we’re not doing too good we’re actually doing our best!!




Didn’t feel like to get up this morning. My bed was so warm under my blanket, and for June, the weather outside not very nice, gray and rainy.
Well done for my effort tho, jogging the longest distance zig zag track in Jardins des Plantes, 8,6km zig zagging between the gardens lol.
I have one more day to run in Paris and then from Friday I will be reporting from Prague, Czech republic again. Cheerios

Your Heart

Posted: June 9, 2012 in jogging, Le coeur pour la vie

Image Thru my posting I’m not only informing you about certain subject, but I’m also and more importantly learning about the subject myself. In my case learning is my driving force, it always was and it always will be. Thru learning I became experienced masseur, specializing in Sciatica problems, thru learning I became experienced in natural therapies, and thru learning I’m becoming experienced in medical issues regarding our heart.

Heart is a strong muscle about the size of your palm.”The Heart Keeps your body running” You cannot possible live without taking good care of your heart. Weather it means good diets, active daily routines and regular checks. Heart keeps pumping oxygen-rich blood through a network of blood vessels called arteries (taking blood away from the heart) and veins (bringing blood back to the heart).Some changes in the heart and blood vessels are normal as you grow older. But over time, disease can damage your blood vessels and your heart.

  • Are you overweight ?
  • Do you smoke ?
  • Do you drink lot of alcohol ?
  • Are you avoiding Exercising ?
  • Do you have diabetes or high blood pressure ?
  • Do you spend all day sitting at the desk or on front of television ?
  • Are you under a lot of stress ?

If you answered yes to more then two of these questions, then you should definitely looking into changing one or the other to make your heart pumping for better life.Early heart disease often doesn’t have symptoms; that’s why regular checkups with a healthcare provider are important. Your doctor will check things like cholesterol, a fat that can add to plaques in your arteries, and your blood pressure. He might also do a blood test for CRP (c-reactive protein). You might also have an ECG or EKG, an electrocardiogram. This is a test that looks at electrical activity in your heart.

Things that should be taken dead seriously;

  • Pain in the chest, shoulders, arms, neck, jaws or the back!
  • Weak or numb feeling on one side of the face or body
  • Dizziness, headache, shortness of breath,Vomiting
  • Tiredness, and swelling in the ankles, feet, legs, stomach, and neck

Learn the warning signs of a heart attack. If you or someone you know might be having a heart attack, call an emergency number of your country right away. Only fast acting and getting yourself or the persone next to you to the hospital can save the life.Always call an AMBULANCE !!


  • Try to be more physically active
  • Reduce stress by learning to meditate, try Yoga for example
  • Quit all of the above, smoking, drinking, overeating on fast food
  • And start running with me for “Le Coeur Pour La Vie”

In the days of Gadget booms, smart phones and androids, is as easy to download applications and keep a track of your Jogging activities and compare to your followers vice verso. I highly recomend Nike+ GPS in combination of Path.

See you on the Track by Jiri Saidl

I AM – Invariant

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Le coeur pour la vie

The heart creates the mind, the mind creates the body.The body follows the mind, the mind follows the heart.

via I AM – Invariant.