Running III.

Posted: June 11, 2012 in jogging
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I woke up early today even before my alarm went off. I Put on my gear and went for jog. It was a dull rainy morning in Paris. But Soon as I got going all the dullness left me like that! Thoroughly enjoyed the run in the rain. Hardly anybody in the gardens. I switched to my meditating mood, firstly praying for all the pain going away from my ankle and it did, and then I got an Idea I wanna run a marathons next year. I would love to do them all but somehow I think my old body wouldn’t cope very well. Budapest, New Delhi and of course Paris popped up in my head. Have to check the Internet weather the dates don’t collide within each other, because if so I would keep New York on the bench just in case.
Anybody has any experience running in one of these? Tell me in comments bellow.?!

Summary of today’s run 6,66 km in 37mn, probably put about 40% of my regular effort, well it was unintentional but truly evil track!! Jogging at my favorite Jardins des Plantes. And something to smile about was that my alarm clock went off as I was finishing my run, so was I dreaming?? Lol




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