Running II.- New Track in Paris

Posted: June 10, 2012 in jogging
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ImageAfter one week rest, i’m back on the track.Trying this new round from my Flat to palais De La Porte Doree. Partially cheating today due to doing half of it on the bike. Had to take it easy on my ankle. Over all did 4km jog. Weather was so so, Birdy album and Florence + The Machine play in my iPod. Check my tracking map point 1. to 4. is on the bike then round a lake jog and then back on the bike. Great using the Nike+ GPS and Path application. Managed three likes on Facebook and one checking my track on Path. Since I’m kind of “likes” addict. This definitely boost my enjoyment from jogging lol. If my ankle is fine tomorrow there i will be on my old track again at Jardin des Plantes. Lets connect on Facebook.

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